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About CoreFund Capital

CoreFund Capital is the premier full-service freight bill factoring company in the USA. CoreFund was founded by industry veterans with the sole mission of making factoring easier and more transparent to truckers and the transportation industry.  Another core objective was to offer the first all-inclusive fee program allowing clients clear insight into their factoring fees.  CoreFund is the only factoring company that has truly shaped their services, operations, and technology to fulfill their client’s needs. They are flexible and progressive in their approach to provide the absolute best service, whether their client has 1 or 1000 trucks. You can expect full transparency, professionalism, and decades of combined industry experience when you trust your factoring to CoreFund!

Our Core Values


It should come as no surprise that our first priority is to our clients. We wouldn’t be here with out them. CoreFund continually looks for ways to serve our clients so that they can grow their business.


Trust and support. True teamwork is predicated on trust. You count on CoreFund to manage your account receivables and to ensure you have the cash to run your business successfully.


CoreFund is one of the few factoring companies that shape our services, operations, and technology to fulfill our client’s needs. We are flexible and progressive in our approach to provide the absolute best service.


Our word is our bond. We do what we say we will do and then some. CoreFund is dedicated to our clients and provides loyal service so you can focus on your business and keep your word to your clients.


Trust and support. True teamwork is predicated on trust. You count on CoreFund to manage your account receivables and to ensure you have the cash to run your business successfully.


We embrace integrity above all. For us it means complete transparency in everything we do. We don’t believe in gotchas or surprises. We will always make the best decisions regarding your company’s success.

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CoreFund Team

CoreFund Capital LLC, a freight factoring company, is a provider of financial services, specializing in business financing through invoice factoring. Our commitment is to our clients. Our customized approach provides them with the cash flow solutions they need and the level of care and service they deserve.

CoreFund Capital understands the importance of strong relationships. The companies we service are not merely our clients, they are our partners and ensuring their needs are met is vital to building success. Providing great service is more than just words.  It is how we build our relationships that sets us apart and creates a standard others strive to reach.

To learn how CoreFund can help your business, give us a call or send us a message and one of our client support managers will be in touch with you.

Why CoreFund?

At CoreFund, we are in business to serve our customers. Our tools, services and hours reflect our willingness to be available when our customer needs us most. With extended hours and availability on weekends, our trucking customers can be assured that we do what it takes to make sure they are able to run their business 24/7/365.


Don’t wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid. CoreFund can get you money today!


Getting funded is easy and fast. Just fill out our application and hit submit. We will get the process going and you will be funded before you know it.


We provide credit checks on your customers free of charge. This allows you the freedom to take on business with financially reliable partners.


Once you are approved, we make it easy to factor invoices. A simple fax or email of your invoice is all we need.


You work hard and should be paid for it. CoreFund has options available to provide you the full amount of your invoice.


We serve all industries but trucking has always been a special area of focus. We are second to no one in our ability help truckers grow their business.


No client is too small! We don’t penalize you for being a start-up or growing company. No monthly minimum volume or fee requirements.


We offer non-recourse factoring programs where we take all the risk. Your assets are protected so you can run your business with peace of mind.


CoreFund ensures your invoices are correct and that you and your company are getting paid accurately for the services you provide.


You can factor for as long or as short as you’d like. CoreFund won’t lock you into a long term contract. That’s just bad business.

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