Fuel Card for Truckers

Fuel and Service Discounts for Trucking Companies


You can deposit your employee’s pay directly onto their card.


24-hour Customer Service


Up to 40% fuel advance to your CFC Fuel Card.


Track expenses by viewing the online summary of purchases and load transfers.


Thousands of ATMs and participating retailers in the debit network.


Access to over 5,000 truck-stops nationwide with additional discounts off cash price.

Discount Fuel Card

CoreFund Capital’s Fuel Card for truckers provides access to over 5,000 truck-stops nationwide with additional discounts off the cash price. This pre-paid fuel card option is powered by Electronic Fund Source (EFS) and can be used anywhere EFS Fuel Cards are accepted.

Because fuel costs can account for up-to 30% of a transportation company’s total operating budget, it’s critical to make each dollar count. While you can’t control the price of fuel, there are techniques that your drivers can utilize to reduce fuel consumption. Beyond those strategies, it’s critical to track, and control, your fleet’s fuel usage.

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Here are a few of the benefits of enrolling in CoreFund Capital’s EFS fuel card for truckers:

  • Huge discounts
  • Send your factor proceeds directly to your fuel account
  • Real-time reports for monitoring and cost-improvement
  • Manage drivers’ cards
  • Finance and settlement arrangements

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Whether you’re unsatisfied with your current fuel program or are looking to experience the benefits of EFS for the first time, CoreFund Capital can maximize how you’re leveraging your fuel costs.

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