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Many companies are laying-off full-time benefitted workers to cut costs, but still need staff to fulfill big orders or handle unexpected projects. It is your job to, not only develop these relationships, but to place the right people in the right roles to keep your business moving forward.

According to an article by Steven P. Berchem for the American Staffing Association, “Employment services-mostly staffing-(will) create more new jobs than any other industry.” Not only will staffing service companies grow, but they may be what saves American businesses and workers in the long run.

Staffing companies especially benefit from factoring, as payroll must be paid out 30 days or more before the company gets paid. It can be difficult to cover costs when cash is tied up in accounts receivable.

CoreFund Capital bridges the gap between invoice and payment with debt-free immediate cash. Additionally, we provide accounts receivable
management services that will free up hours spent invoicing and collecting payments. Our team understands the staffing industry and we are there to meet your company’s needs.

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